Monday, March 06, 2006

Pav Bhaji (Serves 5-6)


1) 4 Onions (Medium sized)
2) 5 tomatoes (Medium sized)
3) 1/2 Cauliflower
4) 1/2 Cabbage
5) 15-20 French beans
6) 4-5 Carrots
7) 6 Potatoes (Medium sized)
8) Peas
9) Ginger (1 inch)
10) 4-5 big cloves or 7-8 small ones
11) Salt to taste
12) Chilly powder 1/2 spoon
13) Pav bhaji masala (I use Everest because mom used it, but any one is fine)
14) Oil (4-5 table spoons or less)
15) Cilantro (Corriander leaves)
16) Small slices of Lime
17) Butter (Amul or any)

Note about ingredients: You could skip the fresh ginger and garlic and use a premade ginger garlic paste. I prefer making it fresh because it tastes better.


1) Cut and boil the vegetables(Cauliflower, cabbage, carrot, beans). Boil the potatoes and peel them. Mash all the boiled vegetables and the potatoes as well as you can and keep them aside. Do no throw away the water from the vegetables as you can use it later.

2) Chop the onions and tomatoes as finaly as possible. In a pan heat and saute the onions till they are deep goldeb brown.

3) Add ginger garlic paste to the onion and saute for 2-3 mins.

4) Add chopped tomatoes to the pan and saute them till the tomatoes are well done and get maches easily.

5) Now you could either use a pav bhaji masher and make this mixture smoother or you could cool it and run it in the blender to make a smoother paste. I do the latter as then you dont feel the onion when you eat the pav bhaji.

6) If you have used the blender, pour the mixture back onto the pan and now, add red chilly powder and about 3 spoons on pav bhaji masala and stir and saute till you feel the flavour of the masala ebbing out.

7) Now pour in the other mashed vegetables and peas and add salt and stir the whole mixture together.

8) Let it heat for 10-15 mins. Add the vegetable broth if you feel that the consistency is too think.

Garnishing: Your pav bhaji is ready but before you eat it don't forget to garnish it with chopped Cilantro, a slice of lime, maybe chopped onion and most important of all, a dollop of Amul butter!!!! And of course, dont forget the toasted and buttered pav.....enjoy!

Note: You maye change the quantity of the masala if you feel it is a little bland...

Credits: This is my mom's recipe and I learnt it while assisting her whenever she made it. So mamma, thank you:)


Deepali Kulkarni said...
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Deepali Kulkarni said...

Yummy...! Although I am not a big fan of Pav Bhaji, reading your receipe made me want to really dig into the stuff!
Keep it up!

Bhargavi said...

Hmmm... Mouth watering recipe.. Will definitely try this way of making pav bhaji....Thanks for sharing

Vindhya said...

Really cool recipe, I love your blog....looking at your recipes motivates me to try out all the dishes you have published in your blog, the pav baji was ultimate ....I will try the adai recipe for Nombu....Thank you for your great recipes.