Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A note from the author

As most of you know, I live to eat and not vice versa. In order to share my passion with everyone, I have started this blog of my recipes with my friends and family. I assume that whoever uses these will have some basic background in cooking so that I do not have to quantify some of the ingredients like salt/pepper/red chilly powder, etc. I will add tips at the end of recipes if I have any and also add them to a common post titled "Tips". I give all the credit for my cooking skills to my mom who let me venture into the kitchen (to "help" her) when I was a kid and disrupt her organized activities ;) ;) ;). Mom, Dad, Sweety and Rashmi , I thank you for letting me experiment on you. In the more recent times I thank Shiru (my husband) who equals my enthusiasm for food and keeps the desire in me awake to try out new recipes. I would also like to give credit as appropriate whenver possible. So,if I do fail to acknowledge someone, I apologize and request you to bring it to my notice so that I can give them their due credit.


03/20/06: I have been remiss in not giving due credit to my hubby Sriram for taking all the pictures for the blog. So a big thank you to him for all the help! :)


Deepali Kulkarni said...

Am still waiting. Where are the receipes?

renuka said...

I feeling hungry see it:).

Raj said...

sahi yaar...
all this while i thought tum just banaarahi ho ki achcha khana banaati ho.... the photos really changed my opinion


Sriram said...

Wow!!!! You must start your own book. "Cook Quick" By Dabbu