Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Roasted Butternut Squash

Feb is the month of anniversary and Valentine's day celebrations and gives me an excuse to cook special stuff. I have been planning to re-create this roasted butternut squash dish we had a while ago while on holiday in Maui at this restaurant called 'Penne Pasta' . It is half a butternut squash loaded with butter, sage and slivered almonds and oven roasted till it is soft and delicious. Mine turned out to be close to it except I could not get myself to add as much butter. This dish holds very romantic memories of the good time we had in Maui. Incidentally, if you look at the cavity in the squash, its a heart shape:)

  1. Butternut squash - 1/2 sliced down the middle
  2. Butter - 1.5 tbsps
  3. Salt
  4. Fresh black pepper - 1/2 tsp
  5. Red chilli flakes - 1/2 tsp
  6. Fresh sage - 4/5 leaves, chopped into ribbons
  7. Slivered almonds - 1/2 cup
  1. Smother the butternut squash with 1 tbsp melted butter, salt, pepper and stick it in the over at 350 F. I had to bake it for almost 45 mins to get it soft but the bake time might vary depending on the oven. Use a fork to check the done-ness frequently after 30 mins have elapsed.
  2. Toast the slivered almonds either in a pan or an oven until golden brown.
  3. Take 1/4 tbsp of butter and sautee the chopped sage leave for 5 mins.
  4. Top the bakes butternut squash with chilli flakes, toasted slivered almonds, sage leaves and the remaining butter while its still hot and enjoy.
Note: You may use parsley to flavor instead of sage if you are averse to its smell.

We re-did another dining experience by celebrating Valentine's day at Tigelleria which we discovered on our anniversary 2 years ago. We ordered a pear stuffed ravioli with walnut sauce, a cheese platter, a very pretentious salad and pesto fusili pasta. The dessert was pistaschio pannacotta which was served with a heart shaped spoon. A very satisfactory meal indeed!


Vinitha said...

Not sure if you got my comments, writing it again :)

Loved this post! :) Wish you both a very Happy Anniversary!

ditty said...

Looks delicious..

Smita said...

Thanks Vini and thanks didi!

Sri Harsha said...

I was looking for veggie delicacies online. Never did I expect to run into your blog!

Hope you are doing good ;)

Sri Harsha said...

I was looking for veggie delicacies online. Never did I expect to run into your blog! All your recipes look yummy!

Hope you are doing good ;)