Monday, June 07, 2010

Pear/Apple Crumble/Crisp

This is a rather easy dessert that I make very frequently when I don't have the patience to make an elaborate dessert. It also provides a good way to use up apples or pears that you have lying around ready to spoil. When paired with vanilla bean ice cream (note, vanilla bean and not just vanilla), it proves to be a super elegant dessert.

  1. Pears/Apples - 3 semi ripe, sliced lengthwise
  2. Cinnamon powder - 1/4th tsp
  3. Brown sugar - 1 tsp
  4. Lemon zest - 1/4th tsp
  5. Apple crisp mix - you can get this in the store and usually it is a mix of oats, flour, sugar and some spices
  6. Instant oats - 1 cup
  7. Butter - 1 stick

  1. Add the cinnamon, brown sugar, zest to the sliced pears and give them a quick toss to mix together.
  2. Place in a buttered and floured baking dish.
  3. Mix the oats, apple crisp mix, melted butter and add to the top of the dish as shown in the picture.
  4. Bake in the oven at 350 degrees for 20-30 minutes until the top turns brown.
  5. Serve hot with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.
Recipe for the crisp/crumble topping: Mix together 1 cup of all purpose flour, 1 cup of instant oats, 1/3rd cup brown sugar, 1 tsp cinnamon and 1 stick of melted butter and use this as a topping.

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