Monday, February 01, 2010

I ♡ My Food Processor

I love my food processor:)...I have had it for 3 years sitting in my garage and finally I opened it this year (one of my new year resolutions)...It is awesome and cuts my veggies so fine...I mostly use it when I have a lot of veggies to cut and I want them chopped fine or grated like beans, tindora, carrot, cabbage, karela, etc.
Another change I made starting Oct last year is to start making fresh rotis. I have survived the last 5 years on store bought rotis and that wasn't cutting it for me. We would end up eating stale rotis or rotis which had preservatives or just resort to rice if we were out of rotis. I was inspired by my friend Hetvi and I tried my hand at making phulkas and it has been such a welcome change to our eating habits. Phulkas with 0% oil are so healthy and light and a godsend to our digestive system. My hubby is a great help and kneads the dough for me. I tried all the different flours in the market and have decided that Pillsbury is the best. The rotis come out super soft and light. Now when I do this, I cannot imagine why I never did this all these years. Agreed its an additional effort but totally worth it. To all you people who have store bought roti land rotis and parathas, I highly recommend making your own.


Asha said...

HeHe! I have one coffee grinder and a mixie in the cabin too. Good for you, use it.

Trendsetters said...

congrats on the opening ceremony

Vinitha said...

very cool, I always wanted to buy one, I am inspired by you now...will try to get it soon....and yes totally agree with homemade rotis!