Friday, August 14, 2009


This is a favorite sweet of mine. I have very fond memories of hogging many of these for Onam and Vishu at my friend Vimi's place along with an elaborate n course meals. I made these yesterday for Janmashtami. We also laid out footsteps of Krishna entering the homeand going all the way to the pooja room.
The picture is not very great and I will replace it with a better one whenever I make it next. This recipe is really easy and you need that vessel with the appam indentations to make it. Thansk to my SIL Bhargavi for the recipe. I have a nonstick version which is a bliss.

  1. Wheat flour - 3/4th cup
  2. Rice flour - 1/4th cup
  3. Jaggery - 3/4th cup
  4. Elaichi powder - 1/4th tsp
  5. Cut coconut pieces - 1/4th cup
  6. Ripe Banana - 1 mashed
  7. Water
  8. Oil
  1. Mix the wheat flour, rice flour, elaichi, coconut pieces, banana.
  2. Heat jaggery with a little water and add it to the mixture above. Add just enough to form a thick batter.
  3. Heat the pan with a little oil in each compartment and pour the batter. Heat unti one side is done and flip with a pointy stick (I use skewers). Heat on other side until well done and remove to drain on a paper towel.


Usha said...

Appam is my favorite and I am always ready to have it, liked your version with wheat flour...will give it a try soon ! Lovely kolam of little feet....

Smita said...

Thansk Usha!:)

Vinitha said...

hey Smita....those little feet look so cute....never tasted unniappam before...will definitely try....