Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tila Chi Vadi

"Tilgul ghya ani god god bola"....Happy Sankranti to all of you!!! This is a special sweet made for Sankranti and the recipe is of course my mums. My sis and hubby loved it and hogged on it though it didn't come out to be perfect.


  1. 1 cup peanuts

  2. 1 cup sesame seeds

  3. 1 cup dry coconut

  4. 1 cup jaggery

  5. Green cardamom powder - 1 teaspoon

  1. Roast the peanuts, sesame seeds and dry coconut separately until golden brown.

  2. Grind the peanuts to a fine powder and the sesame seeds to a coarse powder.

  3. Heat the jaggery with couple of tablespoons of water until you get a thick syrup.

  4. Grease a shallow plate to set the vadi in.

  5. Mix in the peanut powder, coarsely ground sesame seeds and coconut into the syrup. Add cardamom powder and mix thoroughly.

  6. Spread mixture evenly onto the place and cut diamond shapes before it cools down.

  7. Allow it to cool and set and enjoy.
Note: The way this turns out depends a lot on what kind of jaggery you use. If you use less sticky one, it comes out better. The one I used wasn't the right one and it didnt really set well but who cares!!! :D:D Also, make sure your syrup is really thick before you add in the mixture otherwise it will stay moist and not harden enough.

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